eSIM in Indonesia: best mobile data plans

If you are going on a trip around Indonesia, we advise you to solve how you will keep connected beforehand. Mobile Internet in Indonesia is very expensive in roaming, but it is not profitable to connect to local operators for a business trip of just some weeks. Owners of modern smartphones are offered eSIM plans with which to take advantage of this modern technology.

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Which eSIM to choose in Indonesia?

eSIM operators in Indonesia suggest setting a connection period and determining the amount of data that will be required for the said period. Standard telecom operators cannot offer this: you will have to pay for the entire month, regardless of whether you are going to use the connection or not.

The embedded SIM card opens up new possibilities, but it is important to determine your needs in advance. For example, for a business trip of just one week, you can activate a plan with the minimum amount of data. Those who like to chat on social media can purchase a plan with 5 GB in order to safely spend the entire amount of mobile Internet. When forming your package, consider how your trip will go. If you are going to spend all your time traveling around the country, it is better to purchase a plan with an increased volume of mobile Internet in order to use all the necessary online resources.

Benefits of using eSIM in Indonesia

eSIM rates in Indonesia are a great choice for travelers who do not want to waste time. The main distinguishing feature of eSIM is that no physical medium is needed. You can get a plan for an online connection by paying for it also online, after which the operator will send you a QR code. Activating the SIM does not take much time.

Money-saving is the main advantage of this technology since you only pay for a certain period of connection instead of a full month. With this approach, the cost of mobile Internet is lower than similar services from traditional operators. For example, for the same period of time, mobile Internet in Thailand from a local provider will be more expensive, and operators will not be able to offer you a stable connection throughout the country.

The built-in module was a real breakthrough in the mobile industry, and it was quickly adopted by all mobile device manufacturers. If you have such a modern device, you can use this technology and reduce costs while traveling.

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