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If you intend to spend several busy weeks in Estonia, do not forget to address this issue in advance. The cost of mobile communications and Internet in Estonia is quite high. Roaming can consume your whole balance, so you might want to look for an alternative method of communication. We suggest installing an eSIM and purchasing prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package — modern challenges require modern solutions!

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Which eSIM Card to Choose in Estonia?

The built-in SIM card is a new feature by smartphone manufacturers that is becoming an integral part of high-tech devices. The main feature of such a communication module is that the user does not need a physical medium from the telecom operator in order to access the paid package. Activation is carried out remotely, so the built-in SIM card has become the optimal solution for traveling or business trips to different countries.

If you intend to spend no more than a few weeks in Estonia, you do not need to buy a one month or longer plan. Communication costs tend to be significant in any country, and you will have to constantly buy GB to access the network. Instead of a trip to a local operator's office and a lot of trouble to choose a plan, it is better to purchase a package online and set a traffic limit that will be enough for a comfortable trip.

Benefits of Using eSIM in Estonia

There are several reasons to install and use an eSIM as a modern communication module:

  • No need to go to the store and buy a SIM card for connecting to the network.
  • You spend much less money on communication.
  • You can activate the eSIM in Estonia at the airport immediately upon arrival.
  • Losing your phone does not mean the theft of all personal data.

The main feature of this technology is that the communication module itself plays the role of a SIM card, and it is already inside the phone. Forget the pains of a thin and uncomfortable slot where you have to carefully insert a SIM card without dropping it. You only need to choose a tariff and get a QR code from the operator to activate the module.

Another advantage of such connection is that the user determines how much mobile data allocation they need and how long they will spend in the network. Tariffs from eSIM operators in Estonia are flexible, and you can configure your own package to meet your exact requirements.

If you want mobile Internet in Estonia to be always available without overpaying, modern technologies will make your life much easier!

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