eSIM in Belgium: best mobile data plans

Travelling to Europe is a great opportunity to get to know other people's culture and discover a whole new world. On such a trip, you'll want to share your impressions with family and friends, and in order to stay connected, you should install an eSIM and activate prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package.

eSIM technology in Belgium has become a true revelation for travellers and business people from other countries who spend a lot of time there. If you have a busy schedule, you don't want to spend time on signing a contract and buying a SIM card from local operators. We recommend you activate the built-in communication module and buy a profitable plan, which is purchased for a certain period, without a fixed monthly fee.

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10+ Gb

1 Day

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Which eSIM card to choose in Belgium

A short business trip or a several weeks travel? Different plans require a different approach to building your own package. So, for a week stay in Belgium, it is better to set a minimum amount of minutes and no more than 5 GB of traffic, in order to pay the minimum cost for your connection. If you are going to spend a few weeks in Europe and usually spend a lot of time on the network, activate a package with an increased mobile Internet volume so that you don't have to economize your interactions all the time.

The integrated SIM card has one important feature ā€” subscribers can determine by themselves how many days they will use the operators' services. Unlike the standard monthly fee approach, it is more profitable to pay only for the period during which you really need mobile Internet.

Benefits of using eSIM in Belgium

Low cost mobile Internet in Belgium is only possible when connecting through an eSIM, as paying for network access while roaming is too expensive and not always justified. At the same time, eSIM technology in Belgium is very common, so the quality of communication in all regions is stable.

You can pick up the plan on the official website of the operator and conclude the contract immediately after returning. In just a few seconds you will receive a QR code; scan it to start using the network and get access to the purchased services package. There is no need to change the SIM card or visit the store; the built-in SIM card does not require a physical medium, and the module is already installed in the smartphone. In addition to the convenience and money saving, the built-in SIM card enhances the security of your data, since if you lose your phone, attackers will not be able to access your cards. This technology has received many positive responses from everyday users, and you now have the unique opportunity to try innovations these out in real life on your next trip.

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