eSIM in Finland: best mobile data plans

A business trip to Finland requires careful planning so that you won't need to solve urgent problems upon arrival. The first issue to solve is mobile communications, in order to maintain access to the network and be able to contact your family or friends. If you have a cutting-edge smartphone with a built-in communication module, you can install an eSIM and quickly connect to the network.

The technology of built-in SIM cards is actively used by large mobile equipment manufacturers. This solution is convenient for short trips, as connecting requires a minimum of time, and you determine on your own how many minutes and gigabytes you want.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Finland?

If you decide to use an eSIM in Finland, you need to determine the most suitable tariff. Mobile operators enable subscribers to customize the required traffic amount. You can choose the connection period, the number of minutes and the Internet volume. The package price is the result of the user's requirements.

For a short trip of no more than a week, it is better to choose a smaller package of 5 GB — this volume is enough for full Internet access and social network communication. People who want to stay in this country for a longer period should increase the traffic volume in order to have stable access to the network. We recommend installing the operator's application in order to control gigabytes and minutes consumption.

Benefits of using eSIM in Finland

Modern technological solutions are aimed at simplifying the use of services, and the integrated SIM card is a perfect example of this approach. The subscriber only has to visit the mobile operator's website and choose a set of services. The prepaid package will be available immediately after activating the SIM card, which is done by scanning the QR code. You can get the code online, no need to visit the store and purchase physical media.

The main advantage of an eSIM is flexible billing. If you plan to stay in the country for no more than a few weeks, you do not need to buy a full monthly package. You pay only for what you need. With this, you will get stable mobile Internet in Finland, where the coverage area of telecom operators is quite wide.

Convenient connection is another advantage of the new technology. So, after Finland, you can go to Dubai, and you do not need to replace the SIM card at the airport. You only have to buy GB and minutes package and activate it upon arrival.

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