eSIM in Austria: best mobile data plans

If you intend to visit Austria, it is better to install an eSIM and purchase prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package. eSIM operators allow their clients to create a services package on their own, which results advantageous for both short business trips and several weeks-long trips.

Built-in SIM cards appeared in the smartphones market recently, but they quickly became a popular innovation. The communication module can be transcoded and connected any operator's network ā€” just scan the code, you don't have to replace the SIM card.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Austria?

Mobile Internet in Austria is expensive, and when connecting to local operators, you will have to pay a full month of services. If your business trip is planned for only one week, paying for full-month access is unnecessary. When activating an eSIM in Austria, you can select a specific connection period and create your own minutes and mobile data packages. You pay only for the traffic amount that you intend to use.

For a week-long stay in Austria, you will need at least 5 GB so that you can contact your relatives and use your social network accounts. If you plan to stay longer, you can increase the traffic amount up to 10 GB or more. The advantage of using eSIM in Austria is that you decide how many GB you need.

Benefits of using eSIM in Austria

A built-in SIM card has many advantages, including the speed and convenience of connection. You can purchase a plan on the operator's website, and you will get access to the prepaid package immediately after activating the SIM card. In order to connect, just contact the operator and get a QR code, which you will scan using your smartphone.

The eSIM coverage is wide enough for you to use mobile communications in any region. Moreover, the cost of the package is cheaper than those of local operators.

Another important advantage is that if you lose your phone, your personal data is not at risk. The built-in module can be re-flashed to connect to any telecom operator, but the lack of a physical medium increases the security of personal information when a smartphone is lost.

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