eSIM in Denmark: best mobile data plans

eSIM operators in Denmark offer an affordable travel and business travel solution for Europe. You can install an eSIM and activate a prepaid package so that you can contact your family at any time. Most modern smartphones support this technology, and in order to gain access to the network, you just need to scan the received QR code and select the appropriate service package.

If you are going on a short business trip, you don't want to pay for a whole month of connection and lose money. eSIM allows you to choose the connection period and determine the number of days that you are going to spend in the country.

< 1 Gb

10+ Gb

1 Day

30+ Days


Which eSIM card to choose in Denmark

If you need stable mobile Internet in Denmark, connect your eSIM and pay only for the amount of gigabytes you need. Depending on how exactly you are going to spend your travel, you can create the services package that you really need. For example, those who like to chat online can purchase a plan with an increased GB amount and spend time on social networks. If you don't have much time to spend on the Internet during the trip, select a package with a minimum amount of data.

You can choose a plan in advance and pay for it immediately upon arrival, in order to activate it and gain access to the operator's network. The ability to determine the connection period and create a services package on your own is the main advantage of eSIM in Denmark, which is the reason why most travellers and entrepreneurs choose it.

Benefits of using eSIM in Denmark

If you need stable mobile Internet in Denmark and you intend to visit neighbouring countries, you should select a plan from an eSIM operator. For example, the Ubigi Europe+ service package is designed specifically for active travellers who want to visit not only Denmark, but also Sweden. This package allows you to use a prepaid data and minutes amount both in Denmark and Sweden. You don't have to buy a new SIM card and reconnect to the network: rates won't change even after crossing the border.

Mobile communication in this new format is a simple and profitable solution, because in order to connect you don't need to visit the store and purchase a new SIM card. All actions are carried out online, and you get access to the purchased services package immediately after activating the communication module.

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