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If you are going to spend your next vacation in the United Arab Emirates, you should think over all aspects of a quality vacation in advance so as not to be distracted by trifles. First of all, an experienced traveler will think over all methods of connecting to the Internet, since it is impossible to imagine a trip nowadays without access to the Internet.

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There are several options for staying in touch while traveling:

  • Roaming. The easiest way to stay in touch seems to be roaming, because in this case you don't have to buy a new SIM card or select a plan according to your own preferences. However, Internet roaming in Dubai is more of a luxury, since domestic operators set very high rates for such services.
  • Mobile operators in Dubai. You can connect to local operators who perfectly understand the realities of the market and have designed a number of packages specifically for tourists. For example, Etisalat, one of the providers, offers an excellent package with a duration of two weeks or more.
  • Embedded module. Modern smartphones are equipped with an embedded communication module that is activated remotely and does not require a physical carrier to connect to the network. The technology is called eSIM and is becoming more and more popular among tourists. eSIM plans in Dubai are advantageous because subscribers themselves determine the connection period and the content of the package.

Whether you are going on vacation or a business trip, it is important to always stay connected. The first time to an unfamiliar country can bring both new impressions and rewarding experiences, but you can listen to advice from other travelers and save a significant amount on the Internet.

How to buy a SIM card in Dubai

Mobile communications in Dubai are at a high level and local operators are investing heavily in infrastructure development. Thus, an LTE network is available in the country, and connection is stable in all regions.

To connect, you will need a passport, since SIM cards are issued in connection to personal documents. We also recommend exchanging money in advance so that you can purchase a SIM card, since operators only accept national currency. If you decide to try mobile Internet in the UAE from eSIM operators, it is better to take care of this in advance. The package can be purchased on the operator's website and activated upon arrival in the country in order to immediately gain access to the network. The undoubted advantage of such a solution is that you do not need to waste your time visiting retail outlets or a store. You get access right after the plan is activated, and you don't even have to change SIM cards.

Where to buy a SIM card in Dubai

If you want to buy a SIM card in Dubai, finding a point of sale is not difficult. You can buy a SIM card immediately upon arrival, as operators' stores are always open at airports. Similar services are provided in hotels or resorts, but the cost of plans may be higher. If you wish, you can visit the city and purchase a SIM card at one of the operator's offices. It is useful to know basic English when you are browsing retail outlets, as this is the only foreign language consultants know. However, all plans from mobile operators in Dubai are well described, and there should be no problems for understanding them.

Mobile operators in the UAE

Two mobile operators are operating in the country: Etisalat and DU. It is not difficult to buy a SIM card; plans were originally designed for tourists, but offers from Etisalat are considered more profitable. The connection quality of both operators is high, connection is stable, and at the beginning of the tourist season, you can get a package at competitive prices in promotion.

The cost of SIM cards for the Internet in Dubai from different operators is similar, and the average price of a plan designed for a week starts at 55 dirhams. For this amount, the subscriber receives a package with the following services:

  • 200 MB of mobile data;
  • 20 minutes for calls;
  • 20 SMS messages.

If you communicate via messenger services a lot, the content of this package does not seem very beneficial. It is possible to increase mobile data with a separate package, but this is not cheap.

Calls to other countries through local operators cost about 9 rubles per minute, but to get this rate, you need to get an additional service. By the way, calls to local numbers cost about 3 rubles per minute.

DU offers similar plans, but in an attempt to attract more subscribers, the company often runs promotions. If you need inexpensive Internet in the UAE, we advise you to pay attention to promotional offers — in most cases operators simply double the amount of mobile data provided in the package.

For many reasons, the embedded communication module seems to be the most advantageous option in the market, since you can have a stable and inexpensive Internet connection with it in Dubai. At the same time, users determine the content of the package by themselves, so it is possible to increase the volume of mobile data and reduce the number of SMS messages and minutes for calling.

In addition to standard methods of connection to the network, you can use shared access points. For example, you can connect to the Internet in Dubai from the airport, hotel, or internet café. Shared access points are characterized by high data transfer rates and stability, but are limited geographically.

Decide in advance how exactly you want to go online so you get the maximum benefit and comfort from your vacation or business trip!

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