eSIM in Japan: best mobile data plans

To make a successful business trip to another country successful, we advise you to take a closer look at modern technologies and use them to your benefit. It is much more convenient to connect to the network from eSIM operators in Japan than to buy a SIM card from local communication providers. This option if preferred not only by businessmen, but also by ordinary travelers.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Japan?

Mobile Internet in Japan is expensive, since mobile traffic is much more costly in roaming. If you buy a SIM card from local operators, you will have to pay for a full connection period, which is unprofitable for short trips. The optimal solution is an offer from eSIM operators in Japan, which differs from standard connection by the ability for you to independently create a data package.

If you decide to install an eSIM and try this modern technology, you need to decide how much data you need. For surfing the net, using online resources and communicating in social networks, a minimum mobile traffic amount is sufficient, but for a longer business trip it is better to activate a prepaid plan with a large amount of data.

Benefits of using eSIM in Japan

The embedded SIM card has many advantages, as the connection takes a minimum of time and effort. In the standard format, you would have to visit a store, make a contract for a set period and receive a SIM card, which you would then have to insert into a special slot of your device. If you decide to connect to the network using the built-in communication module, you can complete the whole process online. On the operator's website, choose a plan that meets all your requirements, pay for it and receive a QR code with which the module is activated.

Since you do not need to use a physical medium to connect to the network, your personal data will be safe and you will not have to worry about losing your savings along with your phone. Excellent communication quality is another advantage for those who are going to visit different cities in Japan and do not want to spend the whole trip in one region.

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