eSIM in Brazil: best mobile data plans

If you are going on a business trip to Brazil, we recommend you solve the issue of communication in advance so that you do not have to overpay for roaming calls or spend time visiting the stores of local telecoms operators. eSIM technology in Brazil is the answer to all your questions, because you can connect to the network in a few minutes without leaving the hotel room.

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Which eSIM plan to choose in Brazil?

Mobile Internet in Brazil is an expensive service, as data plans from local operators do not include a mobile data allocation. If you use roaming, even a short trip will be very expensive, and the quality of communication is not that good. Instead of using standard methods, you can pay attention to innovative technologies and get low-cost, stable Internet.

The embedded SIM card allows you to connect several plans at the same time and use the available data at your own discretion. You can activate a voice and SMS plan or a cheap mobile data plan. We recommend you to choose a plan based on your own preferences and taking your personal needs into account. While for a short journey a minimum volume will be enough, for a longer trip it is better to get the maximum possible amount of data.

Benefits of using eSIM in Brazil

The embedded SIM card is a relatively new technology that quickly found its followers among mobile equipment manufacturers. This connectivity approach has many advantages since it does not require a physical medium. The eSIM technology in Brazil has found widespread support among businessmen and travelers who spend weeks in this country. Unlike the standard offers from local operators, the eSIM customer can set their own connection period.

Note that the cost of mobile communication and the Internet in Brazil is high. At the same time, the standard connection involves replacing the "native" SIM card with a new one, since some models do not support a second SIM card. As a result, you will quickly consume the purchased plan without even having considered alternative options. This inconvenience can be avoided by using the built-in communication module, for which a physical card simply will not be needed.

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