eSIM in Spain: best mobile data plans

If you have decided to spend your next vacation in sunny Spain, one can only envy you. However, do not forget to anticipate how you will communicate with friends on the other side of the border. Mobile Internet in Spain is not a cheap pleasure, and you will have to spend a lot of time looking for a service provider at a suitable cost. Instead of worrying about the upcoming communication costs, install an eSIM and activate a mobile Internet package at a competitive price.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Spain?

Traveling to Europe involves many issues that you should foresee. For example, it is much more convenient to install an eSIM and activate prepaid GB and minutes package immediately upon arrival than to waste time looking for the nearest store.

eSIM technology has quickly become popular among those who spend much time traveling on business. You no longer need to frantically search for words in the phrasebook and try to explain what you need to the consultant: a plan with a lot of minutes and minimal traffic. You can connect an eSIM in Spain for the period that you intend to spend in Europe, and pay only for the amount of traffic that you need.

Benefits of using eSIM in Spain

The built-in SIM card is a modern technology that makes it possible to avoid some problems when connecting to a telecom operator. Traditionally, a physical medium is used to identify the subscriber and you need to inserted it into a special slot. If your phone has an eSIM installed, you can do without a SIM card.

To connect to the network, you must contact the service provider and get a QR code from them, using which the built-in SIM card is activated. In this case, the user chooses a plan, determines the connection period and sets the amount of traffic and minutes needed. This approach is much more profitable, since most subscribers know how many minutes and mobile data volume they needed for a certain period. In addition, tariffs from eSIM operators are much lower than connecting through local providers.

You can choose the tariff in advance, buy minutes right at the airport and activate the eSIM in Spain during the first hours of your stay. The coverage area is quite wide, the quality of communication is at the level of local networks, and you save a lot of time to spend on more pleasant activities.

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