eSIM in Italy: best mobile data plans

Short trips to Italy require careful planning so that you do not have to spend precious time solving urgent problems. You can install an eSIM and save several hours, since you won't need to visit the local operator's store. eSIM technology is relatively recent, but its convenience has already been fully realized by many frequent travellers. You can now activate an eSIM in Italy and use the prepaid GB and minutes package to contact your family and friends.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Italy?

The built-in SIM card is not only convenient, but also very profitable. Mobile communication in Italy is quite expensive; almost all telecom operators offer monthly rates only. If you are planning to stay in this country during no more than a week, you do not want to overpay for minutes you won't spend.

eSIM gives you the opportunity to choose the length of your stay, set the number of gigabytes and only pay for the services you need. The built-in SIM card is the best solution for traveling when you plan to visit different parts of the country. If you prefer to communicate in a more traditional way, choose a plan with a lot of minutes and minimal traffic. Fans of social networks and video communication can set a limit of 5 or more GB per week ā€” this amount of traffic will be enough for full communication using their preferred format.

Benefits of using eSIM in Italy

If you decide to use the traditional mobile Internet in Italy, you will face a whole series of obstacles. First of all, you will have to visit the local store and select a telecom operator, then explain what you need exactly and hope that the consultant understands everything correctly. After that, you need to replace your SIM card for a new one and become a network subscriber. eSIM technology offers a more efficient solution: the network connection, quick activation with no unnecessary manipulation and flexible service packages.

Another advantage is that if you lose your smartphone, thieves will not gain access to your personal data. The SIM has no physical embodiment but it is a built-in module instead, which is transcoded when connected.

eSIM tariffs in Italy is another plus that quickly made it one of the most popular alternatives there and worldwide. Telecom operators let the customer determine on their own how many minutes and gigabytes they will need and set the connection period. At the moment, not many companies provide such services, but the first steps have already been made and you can safely go to Europe with a pre-selected plan.

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