eSIM in Canada: best mobile data plans

If you are planning a business trip to Canada, you will have a great opportunity to try out some new technologies in real life. eSIM technology in Canada is very popular amid business people who often go on work trips abroad. A work trip usually lasts no longer than a week, so paying a monthly rate is not profitable. It is much more practical to purchase prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package designed for the specific period you will spend in Canada.

While travelling, it is important to stay in touch all the time, but paying for Internet access and mobile communications in roaming is not cheap. You now have an alternative solution ā€” installing an eSIM and choosing a plan that fits all your requirements.

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10+ Gb

1 Day

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Which eSIM card to choose in Canada

The integrated SIM card is a state-of-the-art engineering solution available to all owners of latest generation smartphones. The communication module is installed inside the phone and activated by scanning a QR code, so you will not need to insert a new SIM card.

If you opt for eSIM technology in Canada, you will choose the number of days you want to stay connected and the scope of services. For a short trip, the most profitable option is to buy a plan designed for the minimum connection period. At the same time, the subscriber can choose the traffic volume and pay for the GB amount which is actually necessary for that period.

Benefits of using eSIM in Canada

Stable mobile Internet in Canada is a must for any trip regardless of the purpose of your visit. Most people use a variety of online services that only work when connected to the network. Connecting an eSIM is much more profitable, because you will enjoy quality mobile communication in any region of the country. You can visit different cities and areas without having to constantly reconnect with local operators, and you can use a single SIM card throughout the entire journey.

A plan designed for a limited amount of days is the most budget-friendly solution. Don't pay for a whole month if you plan to stay in the country for less than a week. It is also important to note that you don't need to visit a store or consult with the manager ā€” all necessary information can be found at the official telecom operator's website.

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