eSIM in Norway: best mobile data plans

When traveling across Europe, you'll want to constantly stay in touch with your family and have a stable Internet connection. In one way or another, most smartphone services need constant access to the global network, so you have to spend a lot of money on roaming charges even during short business trips.

If you want to optimize your expenses, install an eSIM and you will be able to purchase prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package. The built-in SIM card doesn't need a physical medium, and for activating it, it is enough to scan the received code and connect to the operator's network. In addition to convenience, eSIM technology in Norway is much more inexpensive than connecting to local operators, and you will spend less money on communication.

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Which eSIM card to choose in Norway

If you need inexpensive mobile Internet in Norway, get a plan with an increased GB volume to easily use all necessary services. The minimum volume of 3 gigabytes should be enough for a week if you don't use the network actively; for a longer period, it is better to purchase an increased mobile Internet package of at least 5 GB.

The main advantage of eSIM technology in Norway is the ability to establish the connection period on your own. It is this feature that has become the main marketing tool, since for travellers who are staying during no more than a week in Europe it is unprofitable to pay for a month of connection.

Benefits of using eSIM in Norway

In order to connect prepaid minutes and mobile Internet package, you do not need to visit the store and make a contract with the service provider. All activation actions are carried out online, and a QR code is enough to connect to the network. This approach saves significant time, because you can connect to the network immediately upon arrival.

Mobile communication in Norway in roaming is too expensive, but with an eSIM operator, you can profit from the very first minutes of communication. In addition, the quality of communication is encouraging: the network remains stable in any region of the country, and you don't have to look for a specific place in order to chat with relatives.

Convenience and quality of communication are not the only advantages of this new technology. You don't need a physical medium to connect to the network, so losing your phone won't involve the risk of identity theft. Many travellers have liked the modern approach to mobile communications, and you can draw your own conclusion after putting it in practice during your first trip to Europe.

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