eSIM in Netherlands: best mobile data plans

eSIM technology in the Netherlands is the most popular solution among tourists and business people who visit the country for a short period of time. It makes no sense to connect to local operators for a weekly trip while using communication in roaming is too expensive. Instead of limiting yourself or overpaying for a standard monthly package, use an eSIM and pay only for the services you need.

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Which eSIM plan to choose in the Netherlands?

In order to stay connected and go online from anywhere, the easiest way is to activate a prepaid package from eSIM operators while in the Netherlands. Such a plan contains only those services that you really need, and you will not have to overpay for connection.

The main contribution of this new approach to mobile communications is its flexible billing. The subscriber sets the connection period on their own, chooses how much mobile traffic and how many minutes will be needed. If you need stable mobile data in the Netherlands for a period of no more than a week, we recommend a package with 3-5 GB. This volume will be enough to use various online services.

Benefits of using eSIM in the Netherlands

Worried about how to activate and connect a plan from eSIM operators? You should not be. One of the goals developers had was to create a simple connection method so that users didn't have to turn into professionals in order to install a purchased mobile package. The embedded SIM card is activated using the device camera and a QR code. The module is encrypted automatically, and there is no need to deal with complicated settings.

You can choose a suitable package in advance, pay for it before departure and activate it the moment you find yourself in the country of destination. You do not have to visit a store, sign a lot of documents or communicate with support services. Adding an eSIM plan takes a couple of minutes, and clear instructions on the screen will help you to quickly cope with this task.

The cost of data plans for eSIM will be advantageous for those whose journey will take no more than a month. When comparing prices, it becomes clear that mobile data in Germany from a local provider is more expensive, since any given package is issued for a whole month of connection.

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