eSIM in Ecuador: best mobile data plans

Travelling to Ecuador can give a lot of new impressions, but it is important to think through all aspects of the trip, so as not to be distracted by trifles. Immediately upon arrival in the country, you will not want to look for a representative of the provider to connect to the network and buy an extra SIM card, because the first hours in a new country can be spent more productively. If you have a modern smartphone, the easiest way is to activate your eSIM and use cheap mobile data in Ecuador.

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Which eSIM to choose in Ecuador?

eSIM fares in Ecuador can be designed for long journeys as well as short-term business trips. The main feature of plans provided by eSIM operators is the customized configuration of the package. The subscriber can set the connection period and choose the services that they plan to use during the trip.

So, for a short trip of say, a week, you can purchase a prepaid communication package with a small amount of mobile Internet. You are unlikely to have time to watch movies on the Internet or spend long hours on social media. However, for a longer trip, it is better to connect at once a package with an increased volume of mobile traffic. The embedded SIM card allows you to set the number of calling minutes for the package, which is also beneficial for a short-term business trip.

Benefits of using eSIM in Ecuador

eSIM operators in Ecuador offer to issue a package completely online, without leaving your home or hotel. On the website of the service provider, you can choose the content of the package and set the connection period, after which you pay for the contract also online. After that, the operator sends a QR code, with which you can activate the communication module and program it under the parameters of the connected network. This approach to design saves you time, because you can connect to the network immediately upon arrival.

The embedded SIM card differs from the standard communication module in that no physical media is required to connect. With this technical solution, several plans can be connected to one device, and all of them will be active. For example, you can use mobile data in Chile at the rate of one operator and in case of visiting Ecuador, just switch to another plan. You do not have to change SIM cards, renegotiate contracts or contact support services — it is enough to reconfigure the device and choose the operator who offers more favorable terms.

If you have a modern smartphone, use all technological possibilities to always stay connected and pay less for mobile data.

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