eSIM in China: best mobile data plans

A business trip rarely lasts longer than one or two weeks, but as for network connection, any telecom operator offers plans for one month at least. If you want to save, we advise you to install an eSIM and choose a plan that includes all services necessary to you. The built-in communication module technology differs from others in that the subscriber determines on their own the connection period and the traffic and minutes amount they will need while staying in a foreign country.

With prepaid minutes and gigabytes package, your journey will be much more comfortable, because won't have to visit a store and change your SIM card. The built-in SIM card requires no physical medium and is activated by scanning a QR code, so you are able to connect to the network in just a few moments.

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Which eSIM card to choose in China

Travelling even for a week requires careful preparation, so you should pick up a connection plan in advance. eSIM technology in China differs from others in that the subscribers themselves determine the deadline and pay for only a week-long connection, for example. This approach is much more inexpensive than others from local telecom operators, as traditional plans are designed for a month. If you plan to stay in China for more than a week, you can choose a longer connection period.

In addition to defining the period by yourself, you can establish a certain mobile Internet volume and indicate the amount of minutes you need to stay in communication. Some users prefer to make phone calls more often, so they will need more minutes. If your communication, for the most part, takes place through networks, choose a plan with an increased gigabytes amount and pay only for the services you really need.

Benefits of using eSIM in China

eSIM operators in China offer a flexible approach to billing, which is much more profitable to you than plans from local companies. In addition, you don't have to waste time establishing a connection or visiting the store, where you would have to interact with the manager in a foreign language and choose from many offered packages.

The main benefit of the built-in module is that activation does not require installing a SIM card, which greatly increases the security of your personal data. If you lose your phone, attackers will not get access to your personal information or bank accounts using the mobile phone number, as it is physically impossible to take out such a SIM card.

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