eSIM in Greece: best mobile data plans

When going on a business trip or a vacation to Greece, we advise you to consider getting an advantageous mobile plan for communicating with your relatives. Some travelers prefer operators with the operators they already know, but roaming mobile Internet in Greece will prove to be expensive. You can contact local telecom operators and purchase a plan from them for using in this country, but for such a purchase you need time and basic knowledge of Greek. There is an alternative way to stay connected with minimal problems: an embedded SIM card. Using a prepaid plan is considered the easiest option nowadays.

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Which eSIM plan to choose in Greece?

eSIM technology in Greece is equally popular with business people who spend no more than a few days in the country, and travelers who go around several regions of the country in one week. The main advantage of this technology is that the subscriber determines the period of connection and the amount of data. For example, those who love talking on the phone can choose a plan with enough call time to communicate with their relatives. Others prefer spending time on social networks; such people can choose a package with increased mobile traffic to share their experiences with friends.

Benefits of using eSIM in Greece

The eSIM module in Greece does not require special activation; in order to connect, it is enough to follow the instructions of the operator. You do not have to specifically visit a store to get a SIM card nor insert it into your phone. Almost all models that support this technology allow you to activate the SIM card just using a camera and a QR code.

Another advantage that many people forget about is the increased security. If you lose your phone, the embedded SIM card will not lead to identity theft, since it is impossible to pull the SIM card from the device. Considering all the advantages of this new technology, you can draw a safe conclusion: the embedded SIM card will be a faithful tool when traveling to Greece.

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