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The modern person has many requirements for quality rest, but the most important factor for an excellent vacation has become a stable and inexpensive Internet connection.

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If you are going on a trip to Egypt, we advise you to take care of communication in advance, so that you always have access to the Internet and stay in touch throughout your vacation. The easiest way is to choose mobile data in Egypt, which you can use in roaming or connect to local operators. However, each method has its own disadvantages along with its advantages, so we recommend that you carefully analyze them.

There are several ways of having a stable connection to the World Wide Web:

  • Wireless Wi-Fi network in the hotel. When you check into a hotel, you will be offered a free local wireless connection, or you will have to pay separately for this service. The quality of the connection varies. The network is available only inside the building; outside you will have to find a different method of communication.
  • Local operators. Mobile operators in Egypt are tourist-oriented and offer many favorable rates for travelers. The market of local providers is represented by several large companies, whose plans and conditions are similar.
  • eSIM. If you have a smartphone that supports eSIM, you can take care of the connection in advance and purchase a plan designed specifically for your stay in Egypt. This way, you can activate the SIM immediately upon arrival and use a stable and inexpensive connection.

Almost all travelers avoid roaming, as this method of communication is expensive.

Telecom operators in Egypt

Several providers are operating in Egypt: Etisalat, Vodafone and Mobinil. It is impossible to single out the advantages of any one company, since almost all plans look approximately the same. In order to get an idea of the cost of the Internet, we suggest that you get acquainted with the prices of Vodafone plans in Egypt:

  • 3 GB — $6;
  • 7 GB — $12;
  • 12 GB — $20;
  • 15 GB — $30.

The prices of other operators remain at about the same level, the quality of communication for different companies also does not differ, the networks of all operators work stably in the country. Each operator has its own support service, so if necessary, you can contact them and get all the necessary information from them. Upon connection, the subscriber is given a list of hot numbers, so there will be no difficulties in checking the balance with the Orange operator in Egypt.

What you need for buying a SIM card If you decide to get a mobile connection in Egypt from a local operator, we recommend purchasing a SIM card at the airport. As a rule, points of sale can be found at the resort, but the cost of plans there may be higher.

In order to buy a SIM card in Egypt, you need to exchange your money for Egyptian pounds, as local providers accept national currency only. Another important nuance is that a SIM card can only be sold upon presenting a passport, so do not forget to take your documents with you. Previously, Etisalat plans in Egypt could be purchased without a passport. When the operator started working in the country, connection rules were simpler, and SIM cards were sold without being linked to personal data. This has changed, so you won't be able to buy a SIM card without a passport.

Cost of mobile communication and internet in Egypt

We suggest taking a closer look at plans and rates, but on average, the cost is the same for all operators. However, by the time you visit the country, providers may have promotions to attract new users. Operators resort to such marketing strategies at the beginning of the tourist season, when the demand for their services increases sharply.

Several basic factors are important for every user:

  • the cost of an outgoing minute is in the range from 12 to 18 cents;
  • incoming calls are free;
  • sending of SMS starts at 4 cents;
  • the cost of an outgoing minute to foreign numbers starts at $0. 90.

The cost of mobile data in Egypt starts at 18 cents for 6 MB, but you can take advantage of the promotional season and get an additional volume for the same price. According to many tourists, it is most profitable to connect to the Internet using Etisalat plans in Egypt. This operator offers packages for $3. 7 per 1 GB, which is cheaper compared with offers from other companies. It should be noted that operators periodically change prices, and Internet plans in Egypt from Vodafone in 2021 may have very different prices from those of the previous year.

Internet cafes

Travelers who do not intend to leave major cities can visit Internet cafes to access the network. There are such establishments in every city, where you can get full access at a very reasonable cost. However, most tourists still prefer to buy SIM cards in Egypt, while cafes are the favorite place for locals. These sites can be stuffy, very smoky, and the computers offered are far from cutting-edge.

Free Wi-Fi

If you are not satisfied with the prices of mobile operators in Egypt, you can use public hotspots. For example, in some cafes and restaurants, visitors can connect to the public network and enjoy access for free. However, you should not rely on such services in shopping centers or large malls. By the way, in some hotels, Internet access might be offered as a separate service, and you will have to pay extra for it.

Internet in hotels

Those who are not going to leave the resort premises during their entire vacation will not have to buy a SIM card for the Internet in Egypt. Most hotels offer Internet connection service that covers not only the boundaries of one building, but the entire recreation area. Before your trip, we advise you to ask about Internet availability when booking, in order to know for sure whether you will have to buy a SIM card or not.

Embedded SIMs: eSIM

eSIM plans in Egypt are a great alternative for any user. First, the rates can be found in advance on the company's website, and most operators offer flexible rates. A second reason is that to connect, you do not need to look for a point of sale and change a physical SIM card in your smartphone. The module is activated automatically, and to activate the plan, it is enough to scan the received QR code.

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