eSIM in Romania: best mobile data plans

It is impossible to imagine a business trip to another country nowadays without permanent access to the worldwide web. To stay in touch and not overpay for calls and mobile Internet in roaming, we offer to activate your eSIM and choose the best rate for your journey. eSIM operators in Romania offer subscribers to set a connection period and determine the amount of data that they will need. This individual approach best reflects a modern understanding of subscriber demands, so the remote programming technology of the communication module quickly found its fan base.

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Which eSIM to choose in Romania?

Stable and cheap mobile data in Romania is possible only in one case, namely if you purchase and activate an eSIM plan. To become a subscriber, you need to go to the official website of the provider and configure the plan according to your personal preferences. In addition to the fact that you can determine the connection period by yourself, you can set the number of services required.

For a week-long business trip, which involves full load and no free time, you can purchase a plan with a small amount of mobile traffic (3-5 GB). If you intend to use online services and you need access to the network for several weeks, it is better to choose a plan with an increased data volume (10-15 GB). A lot depends on exactly what your habits in the network are and how your journey will go. If you plan to spend most of your time in major cities, you will be able to use free public networks. In this case, buying an eSIM plan in Romania with increased mobile traffic volume is pointless.

Benefits of using eSIM in Romania

The embedded SIM card opens up many advantages that each subscriber can benefit from. First, the registration takes place online on the provider's website, so you do not have to visit the local store. You also do not need to look for a translator or a representative around the place, because you can configure the SIM card before departure to your destination, and activate the plan after crossing the border.

The next reason that makes eSIM plans the optimal solution for travelers is versatility. The subscriber determines the connection period and content of the package, so they only pay for the services that they really need. High prices of mobile data in Austria from local providers have led to the fact that all subscribers are trying to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic as much as possible. In Romania, the situation with the rates of communications services is similar, so it is more profitable to use plans from international operators.

A significant advantage of eSIM operators is increased connection security. The absence of a physical medium increases the degree of protection of personal data, because the loss of a smartphone will not lead to the theft of information about bank cards or e-wallets.

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