eSIM by Ubigi: reviews and mobile data plans

Mobile operator Ubigi is one of the largest communication providers in the world, and it has become even more popular with the advent of eSIM technology. As experience shows, during a business trip or a short vacation, it is most convenient to use plans from eSIM operators. This is much more profitable, and the main advantage is that you can choose the content of the package.

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Plans and Coverage

Prepaid eSIM packages from Ubigi are convenient due to their flexibility: each subscriber can independently choose the period of connection and the amount of mobile data. At the same time, the company also offers standardized plans designed for a month of use. For example, in some European countries, a monthly package with 5 GB of mobile data will cost as little as $9.

The coverage area is quite extensive, and there are special offers for each country. The connection quality is consistently high in all connection zones, so Ubigi mobile data remains available even in the most remote parts of the country. On the operator's website, you can carefully take a look at all the plans and get detailed information. Users can also contact representatives of the company using a simple feedback form. We advise you to find out in advance whether Ubigi supports eSIM in the country you are visiting, so you can find the most favorable plan.

Reviews of eSIM by Ubigi

Rated 4.9 of 5 based on 3 customer reviews


Embedded eSIM is the best invention of our time! I went on vacation to Spain, and an acquaintance offered to connect a data plan from Ubigi for 30 days with network access. We were pleased with the quality of mobile communication and the extensive coverage of the mobile Internet. I advise everyone, you will not regret it!


Operator Ubigi is a great option for connecting mobile Internet if you are going to Europe. Tested in practice! I slightly lower the score for the fact that the coverage area is not so extensive and in some parts of Spain the mobile Internet is very weak.


I used the data plan of this provider in China. By the way, you can choose a package for a period from 30 days to 1 year, the cost is cheaper than that of local operators.



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