eSIM by Truphone: reviews and mobile data plans

Any business trip requires thoughtful planning, so it is wise to find out in advance whether Truphone supports eSIM and learn what the rates of this operator are. The company is actively promoting the technology of the embedded communication module and offers favorable plans for both short trips and longer stays abroad. Truphone is trying to create a universal package that will suit every subscriber, and it offers you to independently determine the basic conditions for activating and using said package.

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10+ Gb

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Plans and Coverage

Plans from this operator can be viewed on the official website. You can also check information about the coverage area there, which spans over 113 countries, and Truphone mobile data in all of them is pretty stable. You just need to indicate the destination country in the corresponding field and select the type of package you want. Depending on the chosen category, the subscriber will be offered an eSIM package from Truphone for a certain connection period and with certain content. Another thing to note is that, when connecting locally, packages are designed for 30 days, but the global plan grid is more flexible in terms of connection period and you can choose plans for as short a time as one day.

Reviews of eSIM by Truphone

Rated 4.7 of 5 based on 3 customer reviews


I had an internship in Germany for a month and decided to activate data plan embedded eSIM from Truphone. There was not much money, so I bought the minimum amount of mobile Internet, so I used a full-fledged mobile connection throughout the trip.


We decided to arrange a summer voyage in France and for communication we connected a data plan embedded eSIM from the Trufon operator. The volume of mobile Internet could have been more, but there are no complaints about the quality of communication.


Summer holidays in France are the ultimate dream, so I prepared for such a trip very carefully. For communication, I decided to purchase a data plan from the Trufon operator for 30 days - I arranged the cost and I was convinced of the quality of mobile communication pretty quickly.



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