eSIM by MTX Connect: reviews and mobile data plans

MTX Connect is one of the largest telecom providers in the world: the company's coverage area includes the whole of Europe, Asia, Australia, the USA and some countries in South America. Its plans are flexible, so you can choose one for any period from 1 to 30 days. The cost of the MTX Connect eSIM package is based on the content, so it all depends on your use of cellular communications and mobile data.

< 1 Gb

10+ Gb

1 Day

30+ Days


A tangible benefit on any business trip

Mobile data from MTX Connect is stable throughout the entire coverage area, so this service is ideal for a business trip or vacation. If you want to use the Internet without limiting the speed of your communication, you can purchase a special plan, which will cost at least 10 euros per day. For more practical users, plans with a speed limit starting from 2 GB are available, which are intended for a connection period of a week or more. Since the coverage area of any operator has restrictions, it is better to inquire in advance if MTX Connect supports eSIM in the country where you are going. For example, almost all of Central Africa is excluded from the operator's area of interest, and connection to the network is not available in most countries of this continent.

Reviews of eSIM by MTX Connect

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I went to a conference in China and immediately decided to connect the embedded eSIM. I chose the operator for a long time and the data plans from MTX Connect seemed the most profitable. I needed a mobile connection for a week, so the minimum package for 7 days was enough for work and communication with my family.



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