eSIM by GigSky: reviews and mobile data plans

The American operator GigSky has a policy of maximum attention to each customer. Plans are developed taking into account the needs of the user, so this service becomes a very suitable solution when traveling around the world. The company works in different special areas, offering communication solutions both for individuals and for large corporations. However, GigSky's eSIM plans are of the greatest interest to modern users.

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Simple technology for traveling

Despite its rather great popularity, mobile data from GigSky is not available in all countries. We advise you to check in advance whether GigSky supports eSIM in the country you are traveling to. Having solved this, you can focus on choosing a plan. The company offers many short-term subscription packages for a period from one day to a month. Depending on how exactly you plan to use the connection, you can choose a package with an increased amount of data or get by with the minimal content in order not to pay a lot. You can activate a simple plan, which is calculated based on which services you use more often, or choose packages designed for different territorial zones.

Reviews of eSIM by GigSky

Rated 4.9 of 5 based on 2 customer reviews


I often go on business trips to China, the last time I decided to use embedded eSIM. I connected a data plan from the Gigsky for 15 days, high quality mobile communication and the volume of mobile Internet was enough for daily communication with relatives.


I used a data plan from GigSky in the UK with a 15-day connection. There are no complaints about the quality of mobile communications, the cost of data plan from an eSIM operator is more profitable than buying a package from local providers. However, the allocated volume of mobile Internet is enough for exactly a few days.



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