Which mobile operator to choose for traveling in Turkey?

If you decide to go on vacation to Turkey, we advise you to solve the mobile communication issue in advance. It is no secret that not everyone can spend a few weeks without a smartphone, since mobile communications and the Internet have firmly become part of our everyday lives. If you are one of those persons who like to plan everything in advance, we offer you several connection options that you can use in Turkey.

Local phone network operators

Mobile operators in Turkey offer tourists a special package for foreigners. The peculiarity of this offer is that you can use the services of a telecom operator for no more than three months a year. To use a permanent plan, you must have a residence permit; however, the three-month limit is enough for a business or leisure trip. By the way, if you decide to use your "native" SIM card in Turkey, you will have to follow a different rule. You can use communication services from foreign operators only for 120 days, after which you will have to pay a state fee or purchase a cell phone at a local store.

Connecting to local operators has its advantages: stable connection, competitive prices, and uninterrupted availability. However, do not forget about the disadvantages of such a solution. So, to connect, you will have to follow the standard procedure and visit a local store. Most of the employees in the office do not speak Russian, so a language barrier inevitably arises. You will not be able to explain exactly how much data you need, and it is unrealistic to resolve technical issues with support.

The next feature is the connection conditions. You need to provide the store with a paper copy of your passport, so you will have to look for the nearest copy machine. The starter package will cost at least $7, but this cost includes only connection; the balance will have to be replenished separately.

Mobile operators in Turkey

Several telecom operators are present on the territory of this country, and each of them has special offers for tourists.


The largest telecom company in Turkey, its users praise the good connection quality and wide coverage. The disadvantages include high costs and inconvenient plans. For a short trip, you can purchase a special travel package that will cost about 149 liras per month. The package includes 20 GB of data, 200 calling minutes within the country and abroad.

Turk Telekom

If you are planning to take a vacation at a resort and visit only large cities, choose this operator. In remote regions, the connection is not as stable.


A British company operating in Turkey. The connection quality is excellent and there are many different plans, so it will not be difficult for you to choose one with the optimal content.


A virtual operator that uses Turkcell communication stations, which explains its excellent signal quality. Its main advantage is the profitable cost of the Internet in Turkey, but it will take several days to activate the connection.

Buying a SIM card for a short-term connection follows the same principle as in other countries: the contract is drawn up when you visit the store.

Is roaming a good option?

Roaming is expensive but is the best option for a short trip. You can use public Wi-Fi networks to surf or communicate with your family over instant messengers and use the calling minutes in the package only as a last resort. Of course, for tourists who are going to spend most of their time away from major cities, it is more profitable to connect to local operators.

Each telecom operator has its own conditions for using the plan in roaming, but mobile Internet in Turkey in this mode is more expensive than connecting to local or virtual operators. We advise you to research the prices of communication from your operator before going to Turkey and decide on the spot whether it is worth buying a new SIM card or getting by with the "native" plan.

Alternative to traditional operators

With the advent of a built-in communication module, subscribers have an alternative to traditional connection methods. eSIM plans in Turkey have several advantages over other options:

  • Connection. To activate a plan from an eSIM operator, you do not need to visit a store. In order to stay in touch and not waste time looking for the nearest mobile service, you can choose a data package in advance and activate it immediately upon arrival. Activation takes a couple of minutes, so you do not have to wait for a connection.
  • Individual package. Traditional telecom operators charge a monthly rate, but not all tourists stay in the country for that period. One of the advantages of eSIM is that you can choose the period of connection and create a package that will meet your personal requirements.
  • Saving. If you focus on how much a SIM card costs in Turkey and compare the price with those of eSIM plans you can draw the wrong conclusions. Communication from an operator that uses a built-in module seems more expensive, but for this amount, you are offered more mobile Internet. When connected to a standard operator, mobile Internet is more expensive, although the SIM card itself will cost less.

If you are going on a trip to sunny Turkey and have a smartphone with a built-in communication module, we suggest using this function of the device. When buying a SIM card on the operator's website, you can get detailed information on how to connect to the Internet in Turkey and how to track the balance of the package. You can also purchase several plans and use them at the same time, travel to different regions and not worry that the connection will be lost somewhere. Use modern technologies for your comfort!


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