Mobile communications in Europe — How to save money

Mobile Internet has become the main prerequisite for any travel, as we are used to communicating through various online services. In addition, most modern users prefer to use instant messengers to communicate with family and friends, instead of traditional phone calls. If you are going to Europe, we suggest that you study in advance all the ways to get full access to the Internet and choose the method that seems optimal to you.

It is worth noting that the choice largely depends on the trip format. So, when traveling to several countries, it is better to have an Internet connection and buy a SIM card. If you are going to spend most of your trip in a large city and will not leave the hotel, public hotspots can be used, and the need to buy a SIM card disappears. We have analyzed all the connection methods and invite you to check them in detail.

  1. Local mobile operators
  2. How much does 1 GB of mobile Internet cost in Europe?
  3. Roaming in Europe
  4. eSIM in Europe

Local mobile operators

Mobile communication in Europe is expensive, so it is better to take care of the connection in advance. The simplest method seems to be to connect to the network of a local provider, and not so long ago this was the only one for tourists who wanted to have inexpensive and stable access to the Internet.

You can buy a SIM card at the airport, where they will help you choose and activate a plan. By the way, calls from local providers are cheaper, but the cost of mobile Internet can vary depending on the country. Although this method seems to be the simplest and most affordable, when connecting to a local provider's network, the following difficulties may arise:

  • The language barrier. Firstly, you will have to explain to the company representative what kind of tariff you need, and without basic knowledge of a foreign language, it is nearly impossible to do this. Another problem is that sometimes you have to set up the connection yourself; without a translator, setting the necessary parameters will also be difficult. By the way, in some countries, providers offer to install an application to control traffic spending, which may also be in the local language.
  • Waste of time. Not in all countries you can buy a SIM card immediately upon arrival; sometimes you will have to allocate time to visit a store. Also, consider the fact that you will have to find where to replenish your account.
  • High price. When connecting to a local operator, you will have to pay a mandatory subscription fee, which does not translate into balance. The cost of cellular communication and mobile Internet can be quite high, and there is no way to customize the connection period.

It is most reasonable to study the rates from local operators before departure to make your choice in advance.

How much does 1 GB of mobile Internet cost in Europe?


Roaming in Europe

Using mobile Internet in Europe with roaming is a very expensive solution. Almost all operators set a high cost for their roaming services, so you have to fork out and constantly count how many minutes you spent or how much traffic you have left.

eSIM in Europe

If you have a modern smartphone with embedded communication module support, you can use eSIM technology to connect to the Internet. This technology is considered one of the latest achievements. Its main feature is that you do not need a physical medium to connect to the provider's network.

In other words, you don't have to take out your permanent SIM card and replace it with another one. Activation is carried out remotely, and you can use several plans at the same time. eSIM plans for traveling in Europe are a profitable and convenient solution that will allow you to spend much less on communication and choose the best data packages. eSIM operators offer a fairly wide range of plans for different European countries, and subscribers can form a services package on their own, choosing not only the volume of mobile data, but also the period of connection.


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