iPhone with dual SIM: How to install and set up a second SIM card

If you become the owner of a smartphone from the well-known Apple manufacturer, you will definitely want to try all the features of this device. We suggest starting with an option that appeared in this series of devices not long ago, but it was exactly what most users were waiting for.

The most interesting novelty in Apple smartphones is considered the embedded communication module. This is the product of some innovative developments, and now the user does not need a physical SIM card to connect to the network. The embedded SIM in an iPhone makes it possible to use several packages at the same time without changing SIM cards. It is worth noting that previously this mobile technology manufacturer did not support multiple SIMs, so owners of Apple smartphones could not take advantage of it. The situation now is dramatically different, and the appearance of the eSIM module in iPhones opens up new opportunities for users.

Which iPhones support dual SIMs?

If you decide to use eSIM on your smartphone, you need to verify that your device supports this option. At the moment, the following series support a second SIM card:

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR

A similar option is available in all models that came out after these series. This manufacturer favorably reacted to the innovation and decided to maintain it in all of its devices.

Advantages of the embedded communication module

To the unaware person, such a feature may seem superfluous or even strange, because for a long time, Apple smartphones worked with one SIM card only. However, the ability to connect an additional plan has many advantages. For example, you go on a vacation or business trip to another country. During the trip, it is important to stay connected and be able to go online at any time. If you use mobile data under a package from an already subscribed operator, you will have to overpay huge amounts for roaming. Connecting to local networks is not always convenient, since you have to visit a store, pay extra for connection and buy a plan that is not always favorable for you.

The second SIM in an iPhone eliminates these difficulties, since you can activate it by just following some steps and choose a package for a specific period of time. eSIM operators offer subscribers not only to choose the connection period on their own, but to fill the package with the amount of data they need.

How to connect to the eSIM operator's network?

If you decide to activate eSIM on an iPhone, follow these simple instructions:

  • Choosing and buying a package. On the operator's website, select a package that will suit you in all aspects. After payment you will receive a QR-code using which you will activate the package.
  • Connection. To activate, use the camera of the device for scanning the received code, and then you’ll be connected to the operator's network automatically.
  • Setting up eSIM on an iPhone. In the device main menu, find the "Cellular" section; there you will see all connected plans and can set the parameters for using each one of them. First, you can rename each active plan so as not to get confused in the future. Another connection parameter you can take advantage of is the selection of the basic plan

In the settings, you can set the default plan for all calls, or limit the mobile data to one operator.

How to make and receive calls?

Now, we will tell you in detail how 2 SIMs work in an iPhone so that you can take full advantage of all communication options. You can receive or make calls using any of the connected plans. You do not have to constantly choose which number to call from, since the system automatically remembers the used number and associates it with a specific subscriber. For this reason, the next time a number is dialed, the plan that was previously used will be used again.

Owners of devices operating with iOS 13 or higher can receive incoming calls from the second number when talking through a different plan. However, this requires to meet several conditions. The telecom operator must support Wi-Fi calls, and the device must have network connection when the signal arrives. When dialing a number, the subscriber can independently choose a connected plan and use a specific operator in order to make the call.

Messages are sent in the same way, and the subscriber can choose the number for sending SMS or MMS. When typing, you can see a small legend at the top of the screen indicating the number from which messages will be sent. If you want to change the operator, just switch to another plan with one tap on the screen.

If you purchased an iPhone with 2 SIMs, your user capabilities would expand multiple times. You can work with different plans, choosing the package which will be most beneficial in any specific circumstance. In this case, you should take into account the fact that the second SIM is often used not only for economizing reasons. Your regular operator's network may not work well in certain areas of the city, and it is better to connect a second package from another service provider in order not to be left without communication at crucial moments.


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