How do I connect to the Internet while traveling?

If you love to travel, you may already be familiar with several life hacks for comfortable and safe trips. However, technologies do not stand still, and from time to time, new and worthwhile solutions replace the old ones. The modern world offers several solutions for connecting to the network at once, and we advise you to take a closer look at them before your next trip.

Contact your current telecom operator

When going to another country, be sure you will be able to stay connected and access the network. Internet access is needed not only to communicate with relatives but also to use various services on the phone that require a network connection.

The easiest method is to use mobile data in roaming. We advise you to first contact the operator and find out what the costs of international roaming are, as the prices for such a service can sometimes be surprising. On the bright side, you do not have to do anything else: your account will automatically connect to the network from another country.

Purchase a local SIM

If you are not satisfied with the cost of roaming, you can contact local providers in your destination and buy a SIM card from them. In this case, you can choose a more favorable plan and not overpay for mobile data. However, for doing this you will have to spend time and have at least basic knowledge of the native language in the country you are visiting.

The advantages of such a solution include savings since you will pay less for the services than you would in roaming. However, there are also downsides. Each country has its own laws, so you have to follow them strictly. For example, you may be charged a connection fee and have to purchase a monthly plan, even for a trip of several days.

Find local Wi-Fi

Some travelers make it even easier and access the Internet through local hotspots. As a rule, any large hotel or hostel provides such a commodity. You do not have to buy a SIM card or agree to roaming prices, but your mobility will be limited to the hotspot's coverage area.

If you are going to actively move around the country, this method of connection will not work for you, since you will only be able to connect in certain places. Besides, when connecting to such an access point, there is always a danger of becoming a victim of cyber fraudsters.

Embedded SIM (eSIM)

This is an increasingly popular alternative for connecting to the network while traveling. The main feature of this method is that you do not need to buy a SIM card in the traditional sense of the word. You activate the plan remotely by reprogramming the embedded communication module.

The advantage of this method is that eSIM operators are more loyal to travelers and offer them to determine their preferred connection period. You can purchase a plan for a week and pay only for this period of time. However, this method is only available to owners of certain devices, since the embedded communication module is not found in every existing model.

International Wi-Fi hotspots

This is the most expensive but reliable way to connect to the network, available only to a few. You can buy a mobile router that is capable of connecting to a satellite network and provide a stable Internet connection.

You can take such a router with you. The device connects to a satellite from anywhere in the world, and you will have Internet access even in the most remote conditions. But such a device will cost a tidy sum. Moreover, you will have to pay for access to the provider's services.

We talked about all the existing methods of connecting to the network, so now you can plan your trip and choose the one that suits you best.


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