How to use eSIM with Orange in Spain

If you use several phone numbers, it is much more convenient to combine your SIM cards in one phone so as not to carry all the devices with you. Previously, only some mobile device manufacturers supported multiple SIM cards, but today almost all of them offer this opportunity.

What is eSIM technology?

eSIM technology is an innovative approach to the requirements of the modern user, which has come to the attention of mobile equipment manufacturers. The embedded module does not require a SIM card to connect to the operator's network and can be encoded according to the required parameters upon request. Simply put, you can connect to the operator and use all the services offered without inserting a SIM card into your device.

This solution not only has opened up new opportunities for users, but it also has been actively supported by manufacturers. Instead of a standard SIM card slot, you can use a compact module, and the expansion of functionality will not affect the size of the smartphone in any way. Today, this technology is being actively implemented all over the world, and many operators have begun to offer eSIM plans to their subscribers. The operator Orange, in Spain, is no exception: it offers an easy way to switch to a new communication format without even visiting a store.

How to shift from SIM to eSIM with Orange?

In order to activate the Orange eSIM plan, you need to perform a series of simple steps that do not require you to have programming knowledge. First, go to the official website of the operator and use your phone number to log into your personal account.

Once logged in, you will see a menu with sections — find the category "Contracts, devices and value-added services". In this section, look for the "Change SIM card" function and click on the "Change" button. In the drop-down menu, select "eSIM", and then just follow the instructions.

At one of the steps, an SMS with an operation code will be sent to your phone number which you used for authorization. Enter the received code in the appeared window and click "OK". After this, you will see a QR code, scan it using the mobile phone where you are enabling the eSIM. Please note that the PIN and PUK will be written next to the code. You need to remember them since they will be needed to activate the eSIM.

The virtual Orange eSIM is activated using a phone camera, and setting up a plan is not difficult. Regardless of the phone model, you will find all the necessary options in the main menu, where you can set up the mode of using eSIM and how exactly the package from the operator will be spent. By the way, mobile applications Mi Orange will help you track the consumption of mobile traffic or calling minutes, so you will be aware of how much data you have left until the end of the month.


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