How to change the eSIM mobile data plan? Travel tips

If you own a modern smartphone with an embedded communication module and you travel frequently, you may already be familiar with eSIM technology. This useful and convenient feature allows you to stay connected in any country, and many travelers use this method for connecting to the network. Today we will tell you how to reset an eSIM and use all the possibilities of this modern technology.

While traveling, there may be situations where you need a new data provider for your eSIM. It is not difficult to find a suitable plan, you are familiar with the activation of the package by personal experience, so all that remains is to disconnect from the old operator and activate the new connection. This is done simply. If you do not plan to use the old plan any further, you can simply delete it and activate a new one. Another way is to make it inactive and assign the new plan as the main one. The communication module makes it possible to work with several packages, and eSIM providers often offer a couple of plans at once, which can be used simultaneously.

If you need to switch from a physical SIM to eSIM, just change the phone settings. In the menu, where you have all the connected plans, you can assign the main and additional ones. At the same time, you do not need to take out the old SIM card, and you can switch to it at any time.


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