How to activate SIM in a Windows 10 laptop with an eSIM slot?

The embedded eSIM slot in a laptop does not require any physical intervention, and it is enough to use a QR code in order to connect. For activating the plan, go to the settings and find the "Networks" section on the menu. There you will see the option to add a new plan; click on it and the camera will turn on; all that remains is to bring the code in front of the camera for scanning. If this standard method doesn't work, enter the data manually: open the connection menu and enter all the plan's data in the corresponding fields. After that, activate eSIM for Windows 10 and the system will automatically connect to the network.

How to set up cellular data and APN in Windows 10?

If after the process the system still does not connect to the network, try updating the settings for the APN communication protocol. This step is described in detail in the manual, and you can update the settings using the integrated system tools. After the update, activate eSIM for the laptop according to the instructions described above and start enjoying a stable connection without a SIM card.


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