How does eSIM work when you travel abroad?

The embedded communication module in a smartphone is a familiar option that quickly found its fans and became a must-have addition. A small detail changed the attitude of communication subscribers and provided opportunities that were not available before. You can now buy an eSIM online and choose a plan that fully reflects your preferences and requirements — you don't even have to leave the house or look for a clip to open the SIM card slot. However, later users began to worry about other issues related to this technology. For example, whether it was possible to travel using eSIM and how the module would work when traveling.

Can eSIM be used internationally?

eSIM operators offer a fairly wide range of plans for different countries, so it will not be difficult to find an advantageous offer for any corner of the planet. The embedded communication module is a unique technology that is not tied to any physical medium. In other words, you can easily reconfigure your iPhone to work with any operator without having to go see technicians.

Most modules support several plans, so you can switch between different operators and packages, choosing the one that will be most convenient in a given situation. Before the trip, you can purchase a package designed specifically for the country you are visiting and activate it after arrival.

How to use two SIMs abroad?

eSIM plans for tourists are the best travel solution, since they can choose a package designed for a certain period of time. At the same time, you can simply select an active network for communication in the region in the phone settings, and you do not have to constantly switch between two operators.

The embedded SIM works like a regular one, so when crossing the border of the region for which the SIM plan was purchased, the connection will not be interrupted, and the customer can continue using all services. Of course, an international eSIM plan is more expensive, so it is better to plan everything and purchase a package for the destination country in advance.


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