SIM vs eSIM. What is the best choice when traveling abroad?

Skilled travelers actively use all advances in modern technology in order to make their trip comfortable and safe. For example, traditional SIM cards are being replaced by embedded communication modules, and this alternative has proven to be very attractive. If you have not yet decided what to choose for your next trip, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each communication method.

SIM cards — Is it worth keeping true to the traditional method of communication?

The main features of SIM cards are known to every modern person since cell phones are no longer just a luxury. However, while traveling, you will need to either roam or connect to local operators. The first option is unattractive due to its high cost since mobile service providers charge rather high roaming prices. Connecting to local cellular companies is a better solution, but you will have to take the time to visit a store. In addition, you purchase a monthly plan and pay an amount for the very fact of getting connected. Now imagine that you are staying in the country for just a week, then calculate how much money you will overpay. These are the disadvantages of SIM cards, apart from the fact that you have to insert the new SIM card into the slot. If you have a phone that supports only one SIM card, you will have to remove the permanent SIM card and hide it in a secure place until you need it again.

Embedded communication module — Modern and convenient solution

If you decide to try out the embedded communication module, many pleasant discoveries await you. The advantages of eSIMs comprise an endless list, but here are the most important ones:

  • Ease of connection, since no physical medium is required for activation;
  • Savings, because you determine not only the content of the package but also the connection period;
  • Stable connection throughout the country;
  • Flexible plan management.

The disadvantages of eSIMs are technical, as there may be problems with activation or you may have to learn basic English in order to select a package on the operator's website. By the way, compatibility with eSIM is a non-existent term, since the embedded module is installed during assembly, and there is no way to integrate it into your device when you are already using it. This option has to be included by the manufacturer, otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the offers from eSIM operators.

As shown in the comparison of pros and cons, it is most convenient to use eSIM plans, which provides flexible pricing. However, this feature can only be used by owners of modern devices, where the module is incorporated by the developers.


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